As coaches, one of our most important responsibilities is to make sure that we do everything in our power to ensure the health and safety of our players.

While this is a secondary thought to many sports franchises, we take that responsibility very seriously, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our capacity to care for injured players. Since we cannot afford to hire an on-staff physician to attend every game (this would certainly be the ideal), we instead find that it helps to work with concierge physicians, who are on call and on demand when we need them, and don't require players to report to a hospital or clinic to be seen for an injury.

We've recently contracted just such a practice, and are pleased to say we now receive personalized medicine from Discover Health, a San Francisco-based practice and part of the n1Health network, which operates nationwide.

Why Use a Concierge Doctor?

Many people ask why we chose to use a concierge medical practice as our partner. Some argue that these physicians are not experts in sports medicine, but we feel that they are experts in generalit treatment procedures and diagnostics, and can quickly refer a specialized physician or surgeon should the case arise.

Since injuries on the field can vary from everything from a twisted ankle to a cracked rib or even a concussion, having an expert on hand that knows a variety of conditions is clearly the best choice. More importantly, we believe that our doctors should know us and our players as individuals, and not simply as patients.

Working with a small concierge practice has the benefit of getting to know your physicians outside of the times when you need them most. That translates to a higher level of care and a better long term plan.

We hope you agree with out decision, and more importantly, we hope that we never actually have a need for the medical care our doctors can provide, because we want every player to play safely first and foremost, have fun, and be competitive and win only as a side effect of those first two conditions. Nevertheless, we do realize that soccer injuries are common, and we want to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. Injury prevention will always be our highest priority.